Skaill house

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Skaill House is part of a joint ticket experience with the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Skara Brae.

Your tour begins at the Skara Brae visitor centre where you can visit the replica house and finds exhibition before setting off for the site itself. Skaill House is next on the tour where you can explore the charming rooms and extensive collection gathered over four centuries.

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The Garden

Discover the spacious lawned gardens surrounding the house, in a beautiful secluded spot between the sea and the Loch.

Skaill House is surrounded by pretty sunken and terraced gardens which create a series of grass platforms and secluded sheltered spaces. A walled kitchen garden is positioned on the North side of the house, and an 18th Century dovecot positioned at the southeast corner of the gardens.

As the house evolved and extended the gardens were elaborated, with much of the present layout having been modified in the 1950s.

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Skara Brae

The village of Skara Brae is steeped in 5000 years of history, and was inhabited before the Egyptian Pyramids and Stone Henge were even built.

Designated a UNESCO World heritage site in 1999, the site of Skara Brae is now in the guardianship of Historic Scotland.

The site presents a remarkable picture of life around 5,000 years ago. Visitors can experience a vivid impression of the realities of a prehistoric village and see ancient homes fitted with stone bed enclosures, dressers and seats. A replica construction allows visitors to fully understand the interior of a prehistoric house. An informative visitor centre provides touch-screen presentations, fact-finding quizzes for children and adults, and an opportunity to see artefacts discovered during further archaeological excavations in the 1970s.

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Loki Seafood Shack

Loki Seafood Shack is run by 2 very experienced chefs Leigh and Alan.

Championing the incredible seafood offering from the crystal-clear waters around Orkney, giving restaurant quality food in the picturesque setting of the gardens at Skaill House. They support local small boats and turn their hard work into the creative and ever-changing sustainable menu offered at Skaill. Open from April to October.

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We are committed to engaging and inspiring students of all ages, and operate a free education visits scheme for schools and colleges.

An educational visit to Skaill House will help students learn about a range of topics, enable learners to engage with both local heritage and social history, and inspire creativity and encourage discovery through learning outside the classroom.

Teacher Resources

We offer a range of educational resources for teachers to use when planning a visit to Skaill House or a lesson in history. For helpful documents to lead your visit and teach your students about a number of topics.

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Skaill House Falconry

A unique Orkney experience, independent of the House itself, which offers an extra attraction for visitors to Skaill House. 

Skaill House Falconry have a wide array of birds including a Crested Caracara and a beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owl called Odin. The Birds are housed within the grounds of Skaill House in our sheltered Walled Garden, and the Falconry team hold daily flying displays (weather permitting).

Experience sessions and field trips can also be booked in advance for those who want to learn more about the training, care and handling of the birds.

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Whether you are a group, or an individual, Skaill House and Skara Brae offers plenty of opportunities for a full day out.

For detailed information on how to find Skaill House, please follow the visit us link below.