Skaill House Sessions Orkney Music & Story Telling

Experience the magic of Orkney’s rich culture with the Skaill House Sessions. Join us for an unforgettable evening of local music and captivating tales from some of the island’s most beloved musicians & storytellers.

Step into the historic Skaill House and immerse yourself in its timeless charm. Upon
arrival, savour a welcome drink and take a leisurely stroll through the family home of the
discoverer of Skara Brae. Then, at 7.30 pm, settle into the cosy dining room for a
mesmerising 45-minute musical performance, followed by an enchanting 45 minutes of storytelling. It’s a journey through Orkney’s heritage like no other.

What sets this experience apart is its intimate setting within one of the island’s most iconic
landmarks. Skaill House Sessions offers the only regular weekly evening of local music on Orkney and in the confines of one of the islands most historic homes.

Led by local talents, including renowned musicians like accordion player Karen Tweed
and members of the Orkney Traditional Music Project, our sessions promise an intimate
and engaging experience for all. You’ll have ample opportunity to interact with the
performers and delve into the heart of Orkney’s cultural heritage.




  • Welcome Drink

Capacity: 50

Available every Friday evening from the 10th of May or any weeknight evening by appointment only. Booking ahead is essential. Bookings will cease approx. 4 hrs prior to the event.

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