Skaill House Gin

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Skaill House Gin

Skaill House Gin has been launched as part of Skaill House’s 400th Anniversary Celebrations. This gin has been distilled and produced in Orkney, working in collaboration with the award winning Deerness Distillery in Orkney’s East Mainland.

Skaill House Gin has a mix of botanicals which are a reflection of the houses past and present. The Gin is infused with Wakame seaweed which is harvested from the Pentland Firth and which can be found around the waters of Skaill Bay. Mango, yellow pepper & orange peel provide a richness and hint of sweetness which blends beautifully with the savory notes of the seaweed. These exotic flavors along with Kaffir lime leaf and tarragon are a nod to the once bountiful kitchen garden at Skaill House.

The gin is available via our online shop and is exclusively sold in Orkney.

This Gin is a celebration of our 400 years of history.

We raise a glass to 400 more.

Skaill House Gin Buy NowOrder the limited edition boxed Skaill House Gin or unboxed Skaill House Gin from our online shop.