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Diary of a Skaill House Gardener

November 19, 2018

Look out for our new public group on Facebook called “Diary of a Skaill House Gardener”!

It’s a Public group, attached to our own Facebook page. You can follow updates either in the group or on our Facebook page.


Steve Smith, who has worked as our gardener and handy-person since June was recently shown a chapter from a book, which detailed the diary of the gardener at Skaill House from 1799. 

……..”To read the words of a gentleman working on the same grounds as myself, but written over 200 years ago has inspired me to record a year in the life of the garden as it is now.¬†Although the house is closed over the winter months, work still goes on in preparation for opening in April and I will do my best to show how the garden changes throughout the seasons………”

We’d love you to follow Steve’s work and photographs throughout the year!